Group Institution

Middle Earth HR today is the 7th largest in the world for specialized HR certifications. They aim to build HR and thus human happiness by creating learning opportunities and bringing a change in HR in Organizations.

Middle Earth HR takes pride that it has trained more than 35000 HR professionals from all levels across the globe from nearly 50 nationalities. It has also has partnered with more than a 1000 companies in their HR training & development.

We conduct around 14 certifications which are practical, glocalised and of exceptional quality.

World HR Board (WHRB) provides support to the career development aspirations and helps provide a supportive caring environment to HR Professionals through a shared community approach.

WHRB believes that the HR community has a vital role in galvanizing society through a demonstrated leadership of ethical values. The World HR Board (WHRB) is today on the forefront of building cutting edge HR and strategic competencies among working professionals in HR across the globe. With over 5000 members, this association provides a community learning center and encourages peer-peer collaborative learning.

WHRB provides scholarship to develop HR Leaders and also runs 3 pioneer programs in HR.


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