An assessment center design for first time People Managers of an IT company


To design assessment center for first time people managers in IT & ITES organization.

Scope of project:

The design is for people who have individuals reporting to them. Competency based assessment center to assess only the soft skills / behavioral. The product and process knowledge are not assessed in this design.

Methodology followed:

The methodology proposed by Thornton and Byham (1982) was utilized while developing this assessment center. This method clearly proposes that practitioners should proceed through the proposed 11 stages while developing / constructing and implementing an assessment center in this specific environment (IT & ITES). This methodology follows a logical and rational approach which will yield to dependable behavioral observations, which can help us in rational conclusions.

Key Findings and Conclusions:

It has been observed that assessment centers are more probably the most successful method for giving development inputs than most other traditional ways in this specific industry. Assessment centers help us in doing objective observations, give neutral and developmental feedback. The next step to it is making appropriate recommendations to the senior management.


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