Designing A Behavioral Event Interview for the positions of HR Assistant, HR Specialist, Compensation & Benefits Manager and Job Analysis Specialist in An Organization


The objective of this project is to develop a Behavioral Event Interview Question Plan for a selected job role based on the job element analysis, competency map including knowledge and skills, analysis of the traits on Quan Competence framework and an analysis of the motives applicable to the said job role.

Scope :

The organization selected for this project is an IT Company which is into software application development in the Java space, providing solutions to clients in the banking / financial domain in the country. The HR Department of the company is selected for the purpose of this project.

The three job roles within the HR department selected for developing the BEI sheets are HR Assistant, HR Specialist and Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialist.

Methodology followed:

Following is the sequence of steps followed for the development of BEI sheets in this project:

  1. The Job Description of each of the job roles is developed
  2. The fundamental elements including educational qualifications, industry experience, etc. as well as the motivational specifications were detailed out for each of the job roles
  3. From the Job Description of the each of the job roles, a Job Element Analysis (JEA) is performed by clustering together relating job responsibilities into distinct elements.
  4. The JEA is now used to develop a detailed Competency Map including Functional Knowledge and Functional Skill requirements for each of the job at the Threshold, Differentiating and Rare levels of mastery.
  5. Based on the Quan Competence framework, the suitable set of Behavioral Traits required for each of the Jobs is selected.
  6. The motivational aspects for each of the positions is listed out as well as an analysis of the key activities is performed, as identified from the job element analysis.
  7. Finally, a Question Plan is developed for the Behavioral Event Interview for each of the job roles based on the principles of BEI questions. The Question Plan is made comprehensive to include fundamental elements, motivational specifications, functional knowledge, functional skills, traits, motives, and cultural fitment elements, so that a detailed assessment of the candidate is possible.

Findings and Conclusion:

  • Developing a list of fundamental elements and motivational job specification ensures that a mandatory set of aspects which are common to all candidates being interviews is standardized into a structured format.
  • Development of a Competency Map with Threshold, Differentiating and Rare levels of mastery for functional knowledge & skills ensures that every candidate being interviewed is assessed in-depth on these competencies to ensure appropriate positioning.
  • Using the Quan competence framework to identify the behavioral traits required for the job ensures that all 4 dimensions are considered: i.e.  Attitude Orientation, People Skills, Managerial Aptitude & Team Orientation.
  • Developing a Question Plan using the Fundamental Elements, Motivational Job Specification, Competency Map and Quan Competency Framework ensures that a comprehensive questionnaire including all aspects to be assessed in the interview is ensured.

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