Competency Mapping by creating a Job Element Analysis Sheet and Behavior Event Interview


To do competency mapping by creating a Job Element Analysis Sheet and a BehaviorBehaviour Event Interview Sheet, mentioning the Knowledge, Skills and Behavioral Traits to be assessed while conducting the selection process and to prepare a questionnaire for the interview.

Scope of the Projects:

The project has been done across three designations in three different departments – Human Resource Manager in Human Resource Department; Marketing Manager in Sales and Business Development Department; and Team Leader in Technical Department.


  1. To identify the job title in the organization for which the Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) Sheet has to be created. BEI is an approach that looks at past behavior as the best predictor of future performance. The goal of the interview process is to predict future job performance based on examples of previous specific behaviors which illustrate the desired competencies through tactful probing
  2. To list out the Fundamental Elements like general background, educational qualifications, personality fit and attitude, passion for the job to be checked before preparing the interview sheet.
  3. From the job description for the selected job, Job Element Analysis (JEA) has to be done.JEA includes dissection of the job to be performed, its description, the role & responsibilities of the employee in the given industry.
  4. From JEA, Functional Skills & Functional Knowledge required have to be listed.
  5. From the Quan Competence Framework, suitable Behavioral Traits required for the Job have to be listed.
  6. Finally, questions have to be prepared which will help in assessing the identified competencies


This project is intended to give recruiters a clear understanding of Job Description, identifying the required Knowledge, Skills and Behavioral Traits required to be successful on the said job and the formulation of an interview questionnaire that can effectively used to select employees as per the job description. This knowledge is very important as employees are the pillars that hold any organization and it requires an efficient Recruitment process to ensure the organization gets the best employees. So an efficient method we have formulated by measuring the employee knowledge, skills and behavior and matching that with the organization’s expectations and hence ensuring the organization gets the best fit employee from a prospective talent pool. This will ensure organizational growth.


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