Creating a Competency Mapping for Project Manager in the SAP Vertical of an IT company


To understand the behavioral competencies required by the Project Manager – SAP Vertical for hiring.


A project manager applies knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. His job is essentially one of integration and project processes like Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and delivering. He needs to have excellent management skills to coordinate with the entire team and with the clients and stakeholders.

The company plans to hire a new project manager for SAP Vertical, since it is signing agreements with several vendors for a project development which are critical for our company’s future. To make sure that the company selects the right person at the right place and at the right time, it follows the best practices as per the industry. So, that the selected person is most likely to succeed at project management. So, now how can we be sure that newly hired project manager will be a capable per Competency Mapping is now widely used to refer to a specific, observable characteristic or behavior that leads to excellent performance.


  • Describe about the job description of a Project Manager
  • Job element Analysis and Identification of Competencies
  • The behavioral indicators for the identified core competencies which are required for project manager to perform and deliver are illustrated.
  • BARS (Behavioral Anchoring Rating System) behavioral indicators is framed

Key Findings and Conclusion:

A behavioral competency describes the result of taking attitudes, motivations or ways of thinking and turning them into actions that are essential for success in your job. Behavioral competencies describe how you carry out your work. Competency standards describe what is expected of a competent employee in the workplace and this will enable us to save time, money and extra efforts leading to a cost effective solution. Based on Competency Mapping we can design Selection Process, Potential Appraisal and Promotion, Self Development, Performance Management indicators, Compensation Structure, Succession Planning, Training Need Analysis and Job Evaluation.

Competency Mapping is essential when you have High turnover and low retention, Poor performance, unrecognized training needs, want for Organizational change and for long learning curves & lack of succession Planning.


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