Competency Mapping for the roles of Showroom Manager, Sales Assistant, Training Manager and Human Resource Manager in a leading Retail organization


This objective of this project is to create competency maps for any four roles in a leading Retail Organization


Four different roles were chosen from different business verticals and territories of the retail organization:

  1. Showroom Manager
  2. Sales Assistant
  3. Training Manager
  4. Human Resource Manager

Methodology Followed

The methodology followed to create competency mapping for each role (job profile) selected is mentioned below:

  • The job description was created after interviewing the Job holder, his immediate manager and HR Manager. The Cite  was also referred to for finalizing the JD.
  • The job elements were identified.
  • Interviews were conducted with the job holders and the subject matter expert to arrive at the threshold, differentiating and rare knowledge and skills for each job element.
  • The Critical Knowledge, Skills and Traits were identified in consultation with the SMEs.
  • The functional and behavioral competencies were identified and put together as Mission Critical Competencies.
  • The BARS for each competency was developed with the help of subject matter expert. For the role of Showroom Manager, Training Manager and Human Resource Manager 4 levels of BARS were created however for the Role of Sales Assistant only 3 levels are created because of the ease of understanding as it’s a very basic role.

Key Findings and Conclusion

  • The scientific method used to identify competencies and to create BARS for each competency will help to describe jobs effectively in the organization.
  • The new job description will help in acquiring new talent and overall talent management.
  • The new job description will also help in identifying Training Need and for the consideration of promotion.
  • Mapping competencies is definitely an intensive work but it is not a onetime job. It requires continuous update with the change in new technology and culture.
  • A great amount of objectivity is required in identifying crucial competencies for all roles and making the BARS specific to each competency.
  • It is crucial to remain updated on competency mapping subject. This subject forms the foundation of all the major tasks in Human Resources and contributes in recruiting, managing, developing, promotion, and career planning of staff in an organization. It provides a clear picture of where a staff member is currently in terms of knowledge, skills, and traits and what to do to move on to the next level.
  • The BARS are the parameters by which the management can assess the performance and skills of staff and give them proper training, mentoring, and coaching to help them move on to the higher level.

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