Designing a Training program to develop the training skills of Facility Management trainers


To design a training program to further develop the training skills of Housekeeping trainer


ABC is the India’s foremost Facility Management Company. ABC has been formed by the merger of XYZ Services Pvt. Ltd. and PQR Services Pvt. Ltd.  The merger created India’s # 2 Facility Management Company.

ABC Ltd. has been receiving complaints regarding the level of training imparted to the janitors and supervisors. They are able to effectively train the janitors and are not well equipped with latest technologies and statutory requirements. There are a lot of complaints and escalation from many of the client sites and this was due to the lack of the trainers to train the supervisors at the sites regularly. Due to which many of the sites where been lost, attrition was high, payments got stuck with the clients as ABC was not able to deliver as per the said SLA’s.


Following are the phases involved in the project:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Selection of Topics to be covered in the training design
  • Defining aims and objectives of the training program
  • Setting Learning Goals
  • Creating the program design and flow
  • Finalizing the infrastructure requirements
  • Designing training aids and tools
  • Finalizing assessment levels and methodology
  • Designing / selecting instruments for the various levels of assessments

Findings and Conclusion : 

Clients were not happy with the quality of services, untrained employees were been deployed at the site which leads to compromising on the said quality of housekeeping, Area Relations Manager were not able to full fill the required number of janitors at the client locations and retain them and follow the statutory compliance and major thing was that the Janitors where not well trained on  housekeeping /cleaning methodology, their schedules, well grooming, lack of ideas on cleaning chemicals, machinery’s and tool. No- onsite training was provided by the trainers on day to day basis, no proper site survey was done before deploying the required manpower, no SOP’s where been followed properly.

It was decided that an advance training has to be given to the trainers to reduce the customer complaints and impart more and more training program to the janitor and the site supervisor on day to day basis i,e before deployment and after deployment and to follow the framed SOP’s.


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