Creation of Job Description and Identifying the key functional and behavioral competencies of a Job Position in the Operations Department of a Property Development Company

Objective of the Project:

To come up with a detailed Job description for the position and identify all the key functional and behavioral competencies which are essential to be effective in the role

Scope of the Project:

  • To conduct an in-depth Job analysis of the Operations position and come up with a detailed job profile report and map the competencies that are essential to be effective in the role.
  • Detailed analyses of the skill and competency level of the position within the organization
  • The study is also intended to provide an insight into the thresholds and differentiators of the competencies identified for the position


  • Data collection tools: 
    • Primary tools:
      • Group Interactions
      • Focus Groups
      • Questionnaires
      • Interview Method
    • Secondary Tools:
      • Job Profile sheets
      • Industry benchmarks for similar positions
  • Competency Mapping exercise methodology:
  • A detailed Job profiling exercise was carried out across the organization using one-on-one interviews, focus groups and group interviews with relevant and key stakeholders
  • In depth interactions with HR and Business leaders was carried out in organizations with the same industry and with similar business models. Detailed interactions were held with the following stakeholders:
    • Business Leaders who are responsible for overall operations of the company
    • HR Leaders
    • Leaders in Similar position

Key Findings and Conclusions:

  1. The competencies directly flow from the organization’s strategic direction, values and current business models.
  2. Competency mapping is one of the most prudent methods to map and assess the effectiveness of a particular role. This exercise is a key reference point and provides valuable inputs to HR on aspects pertaining to Performance Management, Learning and Development, Recruitment, Succession planning and Compensation system. 
  3. BARS is the most practical reference point to ensure that the organization has an integrated HR system.

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