Training Programme Design for Customer Service Associates


To design a Training Program for Customer Service Associates and Team Leaders


The company is a Language Center of 1000 students. They provide trainings in many languages to students interested in immigration, job promotions, becoming translators in their own field.

After conducting a satisfaction study the company discovered that their students consider the training as not filling their specific need. So, the top Management decided to be trained on gathering information about the students and their need. A preliminary assessment has been made to evaluate the participants’ knowledge, skills and perception about information gathering.

The company needs a workshop in “information gathering” which would be designed for enlarging the knowledge of the managers on the relevance of gathering information about the client to define objectives and quality standards according to the client’s requirements. They would be equipped with skills needed to gather the maximum of useful information about the client.


  1. Define the aims of the Training Program. Select a topic of your choice and assume that you have to deliver a training program of one day on the chosen topic. In this section, you have to set the learning goals of the Training Program. These goals should include Affective goals, Behavioral goals, Cognitive goals
  2. Define the objectives of the Training Program- The objectives of the training program should be clearly defined as per SMART method. You should state in clear terms what the training is setting out to achieve and what the learners are going to achieve at the end of it.
  3. Design the training plan/ schedule as per the following format. Mention the infrastructure. And the seating plan you plan to use.
  4. Mention all the training exercises you wish to use – games, instruments etc. Attach the key slides (Not more than 10 per module) that you will use for the programs and also attach all the games, exercises or instruments that you plan to use for the training.
  5. Detail the methodology to be followed to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program. The training evaluation can be done at the following levels-Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results.
  6. Give the assessment methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program for at least two of the above mentioned levels. Attach any instrument you may be using to assess the training effectiveness.

Key Findings and Conclusion:

  1. Most of the students had similar problem areas.
  2. The most important competencies were partially possessed by the students, thus increasing the need of training.

The students were made aware of their accurate improvement areas, thus helping them focus more precisely to show better results in the future


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